Donna's Dream: An After-Death Communication by Donna N.

Last summer I read “Hello From Heaven” after I had an incredible dream regarding my Mom who passed on April 29, 2002. (Below is the documentation of my dream.) I was searching for understanding and this book helped me. I have received many “gifts” and messages that I attribute to my Mom. I know that Mom is with me in spirit. As a matter of fact, when ever I get really lonely for her and feel down I hear her voice (in my soul) say to me, “I am still with you honey.” Then peace comes over me and I feel just fine. Here is my dream:

Sunday night, June 16, 2002, midnight. This was a dream that I will never forget. The following simple words cannot adequately describe what I experienced. I was in the presence of Mom and we were looking over the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. It was not a familiar setting. This scene appeared more beautiful than our “earthly” settings, almost as if an artist added some incredible special effects to make all the colors, all the life, reach out and touch you. I remember vibrant colors, varying shades and intensities of greens, blues, lavenders, reds, every color that we know but much more intense, luminescent, iridescent. The colors glittered, glowed, shimmered in every way imaginably possible. I could feel the colors as if they were alive in their own way.

I remember looking at a tree with branches that swayed with life. Their movement was similar to that of a Weeping Willow's branches moving with the breeze. The leaves on the trees were various shades of green, radiant as they sparkled. Imagine fresh raindrops on leaves with rays of sunlight shining on the drops and together they create a beautiful reflection like that of glistening diamonds and gemstones showing off all their glory.

I felt Mom's presence right beside me on my right side. I don't remember looking at or seeing her but I remember her communicating with me. I felt fully embraced in her presence. We were looking at the beauty of this scene and I was exclaiming, “this is so beautiful, so beautiful, I can't believe this, it is incredible!” Mom conveyed, to me in ways beyond words, “yes it is so, so beautiful, just beautiful.” We were excited to be sharing in the vision and the senses of this beautiful scenery. Then, I saw Dad. At about the same time Mom communicated to me, “Oh look there is your Father, oh he is having so much fun! Look at how happy he is.” She expressed this with incredible love and caring for Dad. I watched Dad and he was smiling and laughing and enjoying himself. Dad was sitting with his right arm resting on a table. He was facing sideways like he was talking to someone but I didn't see anyone else there. Mom was so happy, joyous that Dad was enjoying himself.

It seemed that Mom was showing me how she could see us, in our earthly settings, from this beautiful spot of hers. I could feel her love and happiness. This whole time the feelings of love, bliss, happiness, and enjoy life seemed to surround my whole being and overwhelm me. Then I remember saying, with great enthusiasm, “That's what it is all about. I get it now!” It was almost as if Mom enlightened me or helped me to understand.

At that moment of understanding I woke up. As I woke up I was trying to grasp on to the dream, trying to remember “the message/the enlightenment” that Mom conveyed to me right before I woke up, but the details quickly faded away from me. When I looked at the clock it was midnight. I still felt the glow of the color, the state of unbelievable love, indescribable happiness, joy, euphoria, and beauty. That feeling lasted a few minutes then faded away. The dream was filled with powerful unconditional love.

I believe that Mom wanted me to know that she is still with us in spirit and in a beautiful place that words just can't describe. She showed me how she can see us from her heavenly place and how absolutely beautiful and loved we are. Mom and I were so close and I am honored that she wanted to share with me just how great her heaven is and to let me know that she is just fine. Over and over again I felt the message - Have a good time, be joyous and enjoy life. Make the most of this wonderful time we have together and most of all celebrate life!