Near-Death Stories

Aftereffects of My Near-Death Experience by Anonymous
A Native American NDE and Past Life: An Interview with RC by Diane Willis
Dead Reckoning: Scientists Weigh the Scientific and Spiritual Facets of NDEs by Mark Sauer
Donna's Dream: An After-Death Communication by Donna N.
God, Lightning & Healing Hands by Tiffany Snow
Grief Relief: Visiting the Dead by Julia Mossbridge
Into the Light by Kesha L. Engel
Life After Death: A Journey Beyond by Holly Ingram
My Near Death Experiences by Trudy Morse
My Story of Spiritual Opening by Ingrid Dilley
Near-Death Experiences.... They're a fact by Julia Mossbridge
Poems by William Black
Reflections on Some Spiritual Aspects of Life Threatening Illness by Robert Magrisso, MD
Spontaneous Healing by Judith K. Williams
The Gift of Love by Ruth McCarthy
The Induction of After-Death Communications Utilizing EMDR by Allan L Botkin, Psy.D.
Through the Moongate by Robert Moss