Sep 8
Guest Speaker: Yolaine Stout

NDEr from Suicide Attempt; President of IANDS

Yolaine Stout is the current President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, a near-death experiencer, a writer, strategic planner and life coach. An honors graduate from the UC Berkeley School of Education in 1976, she taught languages for 25 years.

In 1982, she had a suicidal NDE due to severe depression over a failing marriage, poor health and inability to conceive. An atheist at the time, her NDE turned her beliefs about the purpose and meaning of life—and what follows—inside out. As a result of her NDE and learning how to \“tune in,\” she was able to conquer her depression and among other achievements, helped a struggling non-profit organization raise several million dollars to purchase land for a nature preserve.

Yolaine sees it as her purpose in life to help individuals and non-profit organizations discover the power of vision, purpose and passion. She retired from teaching languages five years ago to devote herself full-time to this purpose. She is currently finishing a self-help book for people suffering from depression, which is largely based on lessons about life learned during near-death experiences.

A desire to speak to other suicidal NDErs led Yolaine to IANDS. She was invited to join the board after they learned of her experience in non-profit development. She is the author of a recent article: 6 Major Challenges Faced by Near-Death Experiencers (Journal for Near-Death Studies), and is collaborating with Dr. Kenneth Ring on a workshop and workbook based on Lessons from the Light.