Apr 14
Guest Speaker: Kimberly Clark Sharp, MSW

NDEr, Author, Seattle's Near-Death Comedienne!

Kimberly Clark Sharp, M.S.W., has earned the title of \“Near-Death Comedienne\” through her many presentations about near-death experiences. She is the founder and president of the Seattle International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), the oldest and one of the largest groups of its kind in the world. A clinical social worker, Sharp has taught at the University of Washington School of Medicine and at Seattle University. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and daughter. Her book, After the Light, is a near-death classic, educating thousands about the near-death experience with much humor and tact, delivering the serious message that we do not die in an irresistibly humorous package. It is difficult to put her book down once you begin to read.

\“Death is nothing to fear - and life without fear can be lived to the fullest.\”

This is Kimberly Clark Sharp\'s message from her extraordinary experience during the time after her heart suddenly stopped beating and she lay on the sidewalk, not breathing, and without a pulse. Swept into a peaceful loving place of brilliant golden light and warm comfort, she saw, for the first time, the meaning of life - and death.

Thereafter, Kimberly, with hamster Toto at her side, left Kansas for Seattle - known as \“the Emerald City\” – to fulfill a destiny devoted to the service of others as foreseen at the end of her near-death experience. Guided by a new sensitivity to the presence of angels, demons and other invisibilities, Kimberly attained a Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Washington and began a career in medical social work that put her in direct contact with dying people - and people who almost died and came back.

It is the inspirational stories of these near-death experiences, as well as Kimberly\'s own life challenges in love, family life and the diagnosis of breast cancer, that form the core of this surprisingly funny page-turner of a book.

Bettie J. Eadie, Author of Embraced by the Light said, \“Kimberly Clark Sharp is truly an exciting and loved spokesperson for the near-death movement. Kim will tantalize and fascinate you as she shares…her extraordinary life of service to the seen and unseen.\”

Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life, and father of the Near-Death Experience: \“The spirited and spritual Kimberly Clark Sharp opens a new door to the aftereffects of her near-death experience and shows us the supernatural worlds that surround the living and await the dying\”

Dr. Melvin Morse, author of Closer to the Light adds: \“No one has done more with the near-death experience to serve others than Kimberly Clark Sharp. She was one of the earliest influences on my own understanding of near-death experiences.\”

Other comments:

\“Experiencer, researcher, clinician…nobody tells it better or with more humor than Kim. A delightfully entertaining writer and a very wise soul.\”
~ Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. Author of Heading Toward Omega

Kimberly Clark-Sharp has produced a remarkable book about her own near-death experience (NDE) and its effects on her life. For many readers, any well-written NDEbook (and this is surely one) will be welcomed. For those uncounted who have been touched by Sharp over the years, this book is long overdue. For the remainder, this is still a book worth reading. It made me cry; it made me laugh; and it made me rethink some of my fundamental ideas. As Sharp might sing into her microphone, Who could ask for anything more?
~ Bruce Greyson, M.D., University of Virginia

After the Light is a spiritual roller coaster ride I kept thinking would end, but never did. The book begins with a near-death-experience (NDE) in 1970, and then fast forwards through the miraculous and the incredible as author Kimberly Clark Sharp shares how a byproduct of her NDE, a spiritual-opening-up, allowed her to walk simultaneously in two worlds.
~ Rick Montgomery, from Angel Times