Jan 13
Guest Speakers: Billy Luke and Mary Fleming

Past-Life Parents: Amazing stories of reincarnation, including one in the same family, which was featured in Carol Bowman's book, Return From Heaven.

This is one of the most exciting meetings we will ever have. Three parents will be telling the stories of their children\'s past-life memories. \“Knock your socks off\” stuff. Don\'t miss this one!

Some very young children remember their previous lives and deaths spontaneously, without prompting or hypnosis. It is a natural phenomenon that has profound implications for parents as well as anyone curious to know what happens after death. Billy Luke, Liza Kobernik, and Mary Flemming will share heartwarming stories of their own children\'s past lives, which will make reincarnation real and personal.

Cases of reincarnation within the same family, which is a surprisingly common, yet unpublicized phenomenon, is the subject of Carol Bowman\'s book, Return from Heaven. This book features the story of Billy Luke\'s son, Chad, who was born to his wife two times. His story is amazing, and will give you a chance to reevaluate your own relatives. Mary Flemming will also share breathtaking stories of her children.

If you suspect that a child in your family shows signs of a past life, bring your own story to share.