Dec 9
Guest Speaker: Bill Torvund

NDEr, founder of Sanctuary of the On, Healer

Bill Torvund\'s first experienced his healing gifts at the age of three. He began his professional healing career at 18 and at the age of 22 was ordained into the healing ministry. He then served as associate pastor at Grace Bible Church and the Friendly Chapel in Portland, Oregon.

He began his private healing practice in 1978 and in 1980, incorporated the Sanctuary of the On – a religious non-profit that provides the organizational structure for the spiritual, educational and outreach functions of his healing ministry. In 1990, he was invested as the Abbot Provincial General of the Order of the Sacred Parousia (the appearance that Jesus will make at the consummation of the Aeon ), which is the religious Presentist order that Abbot Torvund uses to initiate and ordain clergypersons to the healing ministry.

In over thirty years of practice as an accomplished clinical intuitive and spiritual healer, he has administered by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit over one million healings to approximately 100,000 people from more than twenty-five countries in North America, South America, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.


Bill Torvund was born October 29, 1951, in Great Falls, Montana. His family relocated to the South in 1952 where in 1954 at the age of three, his spiritual/angelic experiences began. While praying in his back yard, the sky directly above his house was suddenly filled with a brilliant orb of light, which was also observed by neighbors for many hours.

Leaving the South for California in 1958, he developed a serious medical condition from which he was not expected to survive. Deteriorating to a near-death experience from which he miraculously recovered, his inner angelic light body further developed his sensitivity to the angelic realms.

He began his first public ministry at the Indian Hill Church of Christ in 1962, where he taught adult bible class and gave sermons. All during this time, he began his study of the classical sacred languages and sacred traditions, which continues today. While in junior and senior high school, he was involved with the development of religious study classes and course curricula, and began his paracollegiate studies and teaching assistantships in these areas on a continuing basis.

Moving with his family to Duluth, Minnesota, in the summer of 1969, he began studying spiritual healing with the First Spiritualist Church of Duluth and conducted his first public healing service on February 8, 1970. It was at this point that people began to request his services as a healer, which he continued when he moved to Portland, Oregon in the fall of that year.

He began his active pastoral career in Portland, Oregon through Grace Bible Church and the Prince of Peace Chapel in 1970-72, and also served as an assistant chaplain for the returning Vietnam veterans. In 1972 he became an adjunct lecturer in parapsychology through Southern Oregon State College in Ashland, Oregon, and then later had a similar position in Pocatello, Idaho in coordination with Idaho State University in the spring of 1975. It was also in Pocatello, Idaho that Abbot Torvund established an affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Church, becoming a cantor and assisting the priest in the realization of the Divine Liturgy.

Returning to Portland, Oregon in the fall of 1977, he became the coordinator of the holistic/spiritual healing facility of the Atlantis Rising Educational Center until the fall of 1979. He then entered into full-time spiritual healing practice, establishing his resident healing ministry in Seattle, Washington, in the winter of 1979.

Abbot Torvund founded the Sanctuary of the On in February 1980 and began to expand his healing and teaching ministry, establishing one of the largest spiritual healing practices in the United States. Students and clients came from all over the world and, as a result of the many requests received for healing in other areas, embarked on a world healing tour from 1987-1989.

Since 1989, he has been most active in his healing activities in the following cities; Seattle, Washington; San Francisco, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City, New York; Sedona, Arizona\'; and Atlanta, Georgia

From such diverse places in the world as the slums of Manila to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., thousands of people have been graced by the Holy Spirit through his ministry from all walks of life � including some of the most eminent spiritual masters and political leaders of this century.

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