Nov 11
Guest Speaker: Sue Storm

"The Angel Lady", 2 NDEs, author of 2 books---communicates with Angels and the Spirits of those passed...

Sue Storm, The Angel Lady, is an Angelic Advisor, inspirational speaker, prosperity consultant, and the author of Angel First Aid: Rx for Miracles and Angel First Aid: Rx for Success.

The Angel Lady is best known for her incredible gift that allows her to deliver messages from the Angels to help people find peace, joy, and direction. Through her books, presentations, private sessions, and guest appearances on radio and television, she gives people the names of their own Guardian Angels and provides divine guidance.

Sue Storm is an author, motivational speaker and consultant specializing in Angel communication. She has made numerous appearances on television and radio, as well as being featured in Chicago newspapers. With the use of Angelic Guidance, Sue has successfully shown hundreds of individuals how to transform their lives.

\“Everyone has unique gifts. My special talents include the ability to see, hear and communicate with Angels. Over the past fifteen years, I have been privileged to teach thousands of individuals how to connect and communicate with their Angels.

My history with the Angels began at the age of eighteen months, when I had a near-death experience. Flashing white objects appeared close to the ceiling and I knew I would be saved. I later learned that those flying white objects were Angels.

Years later, I heard a booming voice call out, \'Sue, you have to help people!\' My reply was \'Yes, God what do you want me to do?\' Following the Divine Plan, the Angels have kept me very busy since then—doing interviews, lectures, seminars, writing and counseling. \”

Sue also has the ability to instantly connect with souls who have passed, which allows her to bring comforting information to those left behind….

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