Feb 11
Guest Speaker: Albert Taylor, Ph.D.

Former Aeronautical Engineer/scientist who was involved in NASA's International Space Station program. Author of "Soul Traveler."

Born and raised in Southern California, Albert Taylor performed development engineering on a top secret program which has since become known as the F-117A Stealth Fighter. He evaluated satellite system designs in support of former President Reagan\'s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or Star Wars. During the late 1980\'s Taylor taught Logistics Engineering at Cerritos College, California. He has also served as a volunteer art instructor at St. Paul\'s Elementary School in West Los Angeles. Taylor\'s art work has been exhibited in Southern California galleries. In 1992 he developed two prototype computers, and started a company called Phoenix Computers Systems, which he still owns today.

After a myriad of paranormal events, and as a result of a spiritual awakening, Taylor left behind nearly two decades of work as an aeronautical engineer/scientist, to author and publish his book, Soul Traveler. Taylor is currently a metaphysical researcher, teacher, lecturer and artist. He is an active member of International Association of Near Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS) and a participant in the Monroe Institute\'s On-line Email Voyagers program.

Dr. Taylor will offer 1hr private sessions to learn how to have an OBE on Sunday and Monday, February 12 and 13, $95. Call 847.251.5758 for more info and/or appt.