Mar 9
Guest Speaker: Carol Bowman, author, Children's Past Lives and Return From Heaven

Some very young children remember their previous lives and deaths spontaneously, without prompting or hypnosis. It is a natural phenomenon that has profound implications for parents as well as anyone curious to know what happens after death.

Carol Bowman, author of Children\'s Past Lives and Return From Heaven, will share heartwarming stories that make reincarnation real and personal. She will also describe empirical scientific research that proves the reality of these memories and provides perhaps the best evidence yet for life after death. For parents, she will explain how to identify past life memories in young children and the best way to respond to help heal phobias, emotional issues, and even physical symptoms stemming from past lives.

Cases of reincarnation within the same family, which is a surprisingly common, yet unpublicized phenomenon, is the subject of her latest book, Return from Heaven. Carol will open your eyes to the possibility that a young child in your extended family may be a beloved relative who died recently. If you suspect that a child in your family shows signs of a past life, bring your own story to share.

Carol Bowman lives with her husband and two children near Philadelphia. Since beginning her research into children\'s past lives, she has become recognized as a pioneer and leading expert in this new field, and is a leading spokesperson for reincarnation. She lectures and writes to share the news of children\'s past life memories with professional therapists, parents, and the general public. She is devoted to promoting research into the phenomenon. Carol Bowman graduated from Simmons College and has a MS from Villanova University.

Carol is an experienced media personality and has appeared on many nationally syndicated television programs including Oprah, Good Morning America, the Fox Network\'s Encounters, Unsolved Mysteries on NBC, documentaries on A&E and the Discovery Channel, and regional TV talk shows. She has also appeared on nationally syndicated radio programs, including the Laura Lee Show and the Art Bell Show.

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