Dec 12
Guest Speaker: Beth Peterson

NDEr; Author "Life After Lightning";mother of two, Army veteran, and two-time lightning strike survivor

On July 20, 1992 at Fort Benning, Georgia, Beth was first struck by lightening, while guarding the base’s ammunition storage point. Almost exactly one year later to the day she decided to face her fear of storms and was struck by lightning once again. She died and visited Heaven following the first lightning strike, conversed with Angels and with God, viewed her life, and weighed the choice to stay in peaceful serenity or return to immense physical pain and emotional suffering on Earth.

From her troubled childhood filled with unimaginable horrors, to her brief respite in Heaven, the common theme of her life is Beth’s message of forgiveness and faith.

Her astonishing story of triumph and survival will offer comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or are suffering their own traumas and painful experiences here on Earth. Through God’s healing grace and boundless love, Beth learned to absolve those who have abused and hurt her and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve the same peace and forgiveness she has found.

Author of Life After Lightning: A Journey of Spiritual and Self Discovery and Destination Heaven, coming out in April 2015. She is a lover of nature, an Army veteran, and a model of mind-over-matter enthusiasm. She lives in Iowa with her husband and two children.

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