Mar 10
Dr. Eben Alexander III, MD

NDEr, Neurosurgeon, Author, has an amazing Near-Death Experience

Eben Alexander III MD has been an academic neurosurgeon for the last 25 years, including 15 years at Harvard Medical School. He dealt with hundreds of patients suffering from alterations in their level of consciousness, none of whom was able to provide much insight concerning their experience.

In the predawn hours of Nov. 10, 2008, he became a comatose patient. For reasons still obscure, he was overcome by bacterial meningitis, rendered comatose on a ventilator in the ICU within hours. His physicians were stunned to find that the culprit was E. coli, which never causes meningitis in patients over 3 months of age unless they were infected in a neurosurgical procedure (which he had not been). After 6 days on triple antibiotics, showing no response, with little neurological function remaining, his physicians had few words of encouragement for his family.

On day seven, he opened his eyes, to the surprise of all! However, his earliest recollections were strange and involved no recall of his life before coma. Like a newborn, he had no functioning language, nor knowledge of this world, our culture, or loved ones surrounding him.

Memories from the time in coma were inexplicable. The purest and most extraordinary part of his journey happened deep in coma. His entire neocortex, that outer surface of the brain that makes us human, was totally disengaged by the meningitis. How was it possible for that rich experience to originate in his brain?

His story offers a critical key to the understanding of consciousness, spirituality and human existence. The human part of his brain, the neocortex, died for a week. In the midst of that, he had an extraordinary experience that could not have occurred in his brain, given our current understanding of neuroscience.

The implications are mind-boggling! In analyzing the scientific possibilities and grand implications, he sees a more complete reconciliation of modern science and spirituality as a natural product. He has been blessed with a complete recovery, and is now writing a book about his most powerful, life-changing story.

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