Feb 12
Guest Speaker: Peter Shockey

NDEr; Acclaimed film-maker and screenwriter...We will show his award-winning video, LIFE AFTER LIFE, during the first half of the meeting. Please be there at 2 pm sharp!

Peter Shockey is the producer, director & writer of LIFE AFTER LIFE. His own true story of how he responded to his father\'s terminal diagnosis became the narrative for the film, in which Peter appears as himself.

Shockey has been a filmmaker for over twenty-five years, a talent he discovered immediately following a profound & personal spiritual encounter. He has enjoyed a long history of writing & producing TV productions and uplifting books. Early in his career, his interest in visionary spiritual topics led to a trademark style of animated special-FX cinematography. Guideposts magazine nicknamed his work \“Heavenly Visions for Earthly Eyes\” (article).

His highly rated documentary Life After Life, which appeared on Discovery\'s TLC, won a New York Film Festival award for its sensitively written exploration of the near-death experience. It was distributed internationally and translated into a dozen languages. His next project for TLC was Angel Stories - Parts 1 & 2, which investigated contemporary accounts of angelic activity.

In addition to high ratings, Angel Stories sold over 60,000 videos through the Reader\'s Digest video catalog. Following the stepping-stones of popular interest in spiritual topics, TLC commissioned two more programs entitled Stories of Miracles - 1 & 2, which surpassed the successful ratings of the previous shows. He subsequently wrote, produced and directed the Hallmark Channel series, Miracles, Angels & Afterlife. Peter has associate produced several other documentaries, all in the inspirational genre.

Peter\'s film work depicting the near-death experience has appeared on Oprah, which accompanied the interview with Betty Eadie, writer of Embraced By The Light. Oprah also touted Shockey\'s book Reflections Of Heaven in a show about miracles, featuring one of the amazing stories in the book.

Peter is a seasoned talk-show guest, who has been interviewed on CBN\'s The 700 CLUB, and many other television and radio talk shows. He has served as a guest lecturer on the topics of miracles, angels and afterlife experiences for National Hospice Organization and other organizations and churches. Peter and his wife Stowe are raw food advocates, and co-wrote the book The Hallelujah Diet, which hit Amazon

1 in the spring of 2006.

Shockey\'s TV investigations led to his Doubleday inspirational hardcover Reflections Of Heaven, opening the door to a new genre of inspirational writing—bridging the gap between the traditional CBA sector and the mass-market body, mind & spirit sector. He and his wife Stowe also co-authored a second Doubleday book; Journey Of Light: Stories of Dawn after Darkness, released February 2007.