Mar 13
Guest Speaker: Ellena Lieberman

Author, Reader and Respected Teacher of Akashic Records, and Talented Singer...

Ellena Lynn Lieberman has been a dedicated teacher and consultant of the Akashic Records for almost twenty years. She follows the lineage of Mary Dean Parker whom she considers her spiritual teacher. On the evening after the first day of the class, Ellena was so inspired by the unprecedented amount of unconditional love and light from the Akashic Realms that she rushed home and declared to her husband: “This is for me!” Her heart awakening has led her to ever deepening development and exploration of what it means to attune to the level of the Akashic Record of oneself and others.

To date, she and her physical sister, Roni Reisler, are the only teachers directly asked in 1991-1992 to begin teaching by Mary Parker. After intensive inner work and cultivating a life changing love of the Akashic Records, Mary simultaneously selected them because the two held a balanced energy together, filled with love and support. They journeyed through many locales and worlds. Since that time, a number of teachers have developed from the early classes taught by them throughout the USA, Argentina, and Curacao (Dutch Antilles.)

Ellena is a founding member of Akashic Record Consultants International and continues as a member of the board. She has appeared on television in Argentina which aired throughout South America and Miami, interviewed for El Mismo Magazine in Argentina as well as a well-known journal in Japan, and on many spiritual radio shows in the States. She has been a presenter and guest speaker for the annual conference of Akashic Record Consultant’s International for many years as well as other spiritual and religious organizations.

Ellena considers it a great blessing to have received so many testimonials about her devotion to her teaching and consulting practice. Here are just a few:

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have met you, so incredibly blessed. My soul is overcome with gratitude, my heart with uncommon joy…Hope and Purpose are now imbued with the Holy Spirit.”…Chicago

“Your insights into the Records were expressed beautifully and eloquently. Thank you for your generous spirit and good work.”…New York

“Many wonderful feelings are emerging since we spoke although they are difficult to put into words right now-I am so grateful for your gifts. Thank you from my whole heart.”…Louisiana

“Ellena teaches and works with integrity and sensitivity. She is vigilant and steadfast in her approach, yet freely and creatively allows the class to reach its natural energetic level … When she sees fragmentation in the energy, she works to re-establish grounding and connection to the higher vibrations”…Chicago

“Thank you for your diligence and sensitivity in bringing forth what has been “concealed.” This has given new meaning and momentum to my life”…Chicago

In her new book, The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation as received through the Akashic Records, she unites her knowledge of spirit, tone and “supernal” heart as she weaves the spiritual template of abundance on all levels. “(The book)…does a fine job of examining the processes that readers can apply to their own lives to raise their awareness and grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially, and gain new insight and compassion through grace and God’s love&#8230. It presents a great deal of information…and the individual chapters transition seamlessly from one topic to the next&#8230. Your writing style successfully serves to bring exceptional clarity to what is a complex subject.” (Booksurge commentary)

Simultaneously with her spiritual calling, Ellena has created and performs a concert series “A Golden Treasury of Vintage Songs” in Florida, Chicago, and New York. Trained in classical voice and acting, she is noted for her warm engaging stage presence, professionalism, and rich Soprano voice.

Private one hour Akashic consultations with Ellena will be available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, March 14, 15, and 16. $125/hr. Call Chicago IANDS at 847.251.5758 for an appointment.

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