Apr 11
Guest Speaker: Denise Sutherland

NDEr; Angel Therapy Practitioner, Denise gives Angel readings and hosts the Higher Consciousness radio show on WJJG every week.

From Denise Sutherland\'s web site:

Born a spiritual person, I have had a great interest in the Divine from my toddler years forward. Although my religious upbringing and background served me well for most of my life, my heart and soul experienced a revival when a few years ago I began studying metaphysics and pursing New Age avenues for personal healing. As a result of my spiritual study and healing work, my eyes, my arms and my heart have been opened to now fully embrace the commonality of all faith traditions, and the course has been set for fulfilling my life’s purpose with the help of the angels.

An aura photo and reading during my time of spiritual transformation reintroduced me to the presence of my angels and also to the psychic abilities I had shelved as a child long ago. With the help of Dr. Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards, I began to redevelop my relationship with the angels and to again rely on their Divine guidance and wisdom. As my ensemble of angel oracle cards increased, so did my psychic abilities and card-reading proficiency. In addition to consulting with the angels for personal guidance, I began conducting readings for my family and friends.

The personal healing and spiritual growth experienced by my family and friends through my angel readings was most rewarding for me. I was certain I wanted to broaden my path as a healer, yet I believed the next step to helping others heal was by teaching hot yoga. Despite distinct guidance against this notion from the angels, I enrolled in the nine-week yoga training. Within a few days of adhering to the course protocol, my body began to seriously struggle from the extreme heat and the intensity of the training. Even with medical attention and supplementation, my body was incredibly weak and depleted. The voices of my angels spoke loudly to me through my body, frantically urging me to discontinue the training; yet my ego voice prompted me to push forward to completion.

On the Friday of the sixth week, my organs began to fail from a severe sodium and electrolyte imbalance. At the moment of my near-death experience, I was surrounded by many of my fellow trainees whose care and attention clearly saved my life. These caring and loving individuals, I soon realized, were my angels intervening on God’s behalf to not only spare my life, but to also redirect me to the path of my Divine Purpose. As I convalesced the next afternoon, I followed through with the promise of an angel reading for a yoga friend. Looking up from my cards at the completion of her reading, I marveled at the growing line of yoga friends also awaiting their personal messages from the angels. In that instant, I had a genuine epiphany. Undoubtedly, I was being guided to be an Angel Therapy Practitioner®.

Certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., www.angeltherapy.com, I am now an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, as well as a Kahuna ARCH Healing Practitioner certified through ARCH Founder and ARCH Master Teacher, Laurie Keako’a’ Grant, www.archhealing.com. Additionally, I co-host with my friend and spiritual soul mate, Linda Padgurskis, the Higher Consciousness radio show, a show “to renew your spirit,” every Thursday at 1:00 PM, on WJJG, 1530 AM in Chicago.

For more information, please see http://www.imagesfromthelight.com.