Sep 13
Guest Speaker: Kimba Arem

NDEr, Sound Healer from Hawaii, uses Didjeridu, world flutes, crystal bowls, keyboards, harp, voice, etc.

Kimba Arem is a performer and recording artist, and has been a musician since age seven with classical training in piano and flute. She received a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona in 1993. While attending acupuncture graduate school studying Chinese Taoist Medicine, she was introduced to sound therapy. Since then she has developed her own unique practice, grown out of extensive subtle energy training in sound as medicine, herbology, Reiki (master level) and aromatherapy.

Kimba also works with light and color, and has incorporated these diverse elements into her frequency therapy practice in Kaua\'i, Hawai\'i. In a session she uses essential oils, acupressure, a \“vibrasound\” bed and a hem-synch brainwave light machine, yet the primary focus is on playing various indigenous and classical instruments in the subtle fields around the body.

Her main instrument is the Australian didjeridu, but she also uses Native American flutes, four-chambered Celtic flute, Tibetan and crystal bowls, keyboards, tingshaws, tuning forks, a harp, vocal overtoning, and recites various therapeutic mantras from different cultures around the world.

Kimba has released eight CDs, including Self-Healing with Andrew Weil, and she tours internationally, playing at conferences and at institutes around the world. She plays locally, inter-island, on the mainland, and travels internationally doing peace music concerts, conferences, workshops, and sound therapy sessions.

She is the founding member of Heartherapy; an organization dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening through sound.

For more info, visit Kimba\'s web site: