May 10
Guest Speaker: John Terrell

Many Lives, Many Masters sent John on the equivalent of a NDE, changing his life forever. Join us for our 10th Anniversary celebration!

Educated as an architect at the University of Illinois in Chicago (Bachelor of Architecture), John Terrell is a self employed design and development consultant who has over thirty years of diversified design and development experience, with emphasis in commercial/retail/hotel/residential and mixed-use development.

In November/December of 1993, after reading Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore, John had a major awakening of his soul and spirit, setting him off on an inner journey that continues today. These messages opened John’s heart to the unknown and gave him the desire to find his purpose in life. John’s transformation was heightened during an intense in-person session with Dr. Weiss which was included in Dr. Weiss’s book Messages from the Masters.

While he was seeking to find and understand the core wisdom, John participated in numerous workshops and meditation groups and visited many different religious services and ashrams. He was guided to Reiki, where he found John Gray, one of the original 22 practitioners trained and initiated by Hawayo Takata, and he was initiated by Gray in both First Degree and Advanced Reiki. He also was initiated by the late Sarah Benson as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing. He has studied Feng Shui and eventually John and a friend formed \“Sacred Circle\” gatherings in Sedona, AZ, every equinox and solstice for four years.

John has been writing thoughts and inspirations with an eye to future publication. He has been guided by the Heart on his journey and seeks balance through the practice of awareness. During a recent contemplation of his purpose in this lifetime, he was gifted with the words \“Create sacred space for the journey home\”. This seems to bring John full circle with his professional and spiritual life. He is now ready to complete that purpose!

This is a very inspirational story of a man who is a terrific example to us all of being willing to follow the guidance we receive.