Apr 12
Guest Speaker: Mark Macy

NDEr, Cancer Survivor, Author, Researcher on Spritual Communication

Mark Macy was an atheist until cancer and a resulting near-death experience set him on a spiritual search in the 1980s. He was looking for proof—or good, solid evidence of an afterlife, which led him to the miracles of ITC, or instrumental transcommunication.

Researchers claimed to be getting personal letters planted mysteriously in their computers by invisible hands of spirit friends. They reported that faces and landscapes from the other side were flashing across their TV screens, and they were having actual phone dialogs with angels. Mark thought this all sounded a little strange, to say the least, but when he visited the leading researchers in Europe, he was amazed by what he found… physical evidence, veritable proof that communication was really going on between Heaven and Earth. And he\'s immersed himself in ITC since 1991.

With the use of a special subtle energy device called a \“luminator,\” he has photographed many clear spirit faces of late colleagues, loved ones, and celebrities, including John Denver. The results of his research can be seen on his websites and in his recent books, Spirit Faces, Truth about the Afterlife, and Miracles in the Storm.

He gives lectures and workshops on the afterlife, which include techniques of communicating with the other side through equipment, contacting spirit guides, and soliciting help from the finer realms of spirit to align to our spiritual purpose and personal mission for this lifetime. Special seminars and workshops include the luminator, with the intention of getting spirit faces ‘posing’ with the participants in Polaroid photos.

Private, half hour sessions will be available on Sunday and Monday, April 13 & 14….from 9-12 am and 2-5 pm. Each person will receive a couple of photos to take home. Cost is $60 for each half hour session. Call 847.251.5758 for an appointment. Don\'t delay…the schedule is filling up!

For more info, visit Mark\'s web sites: www.spiritfaces.com and www.worlditc.org