2018-2019 Meetings

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Sep 8
Guest Speaker: David Young

Music for Healing and Meditation; Gifted flutist; 2 Grammy nominations. Plays recorder; often 2 at a time, sold millions of his CDs.; very successful independent artist. Experience a portal between heaven and earth....

Oct 13
Guest Speaker: Dr. Christopher Kerr

Hospice Doctor, Buffalo, NY, Wonderful end-of-life messages....

Nov 10
Guest Speaker: Susan Wisehart, MS, NCSP, CHt, LMFT

Psychotherapist, Hynotherapist, Past-Life Regressionist, Studied with Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, Author of Soul Visioning…. Experience a GROUP PAST-LIFE REGRESSION on this date!

Dec 8
Guest Speaker: Barbara Bartolome

Founder and Group Leader of IANDS Santa Barbara, NDEr....an amazing, loving Spirit!!!

Jan 12
Movies! Movies! Movies!

Two excellent end-of-life movies. We are trying again and will make sure all of the equipment is fully functioning! Bring your own popcorn!

Feb 9
Guest Speaker: Sarah Martin Bassett

NDEr, many transformative experiences....writer/psychologist, from St. Louis, MO.

Mar 9
Guest Speaker: Bob Frank

Metaphysical Theorist; cyber security officer; author of mysteries; Topic - Exploring Reality: An Evidential Model; formerly IANDS' National President

Apr 13
Guest Speaker: Jane DeForest

NDEr, Psychic Medium, Artist, Author, Leader of Portland IANDS

May 11
Guest Speaker: John Audette

Principal founder of IANDS, Inc.; Author, Hospital and Hospice Administrator; Co-Founder of Eternea

Jun 8
Guest Speaker: Joan Fowler

NDEr; Reconnection Healing Practitioner and Instructor, West Point Graduate; Hatha Yoga instructor; Hospice

Jul 13
Guest Speaker: Virginia Jablonski

NDEr; Animal Communicator, Healer

Aug 10
Guest Speaker: Carolyn Clapper

NDEr, Evidential and Medical Medium, works with 5 doctors on the other side, from Racine, WI.