Chicago IANDS began in May 1998, to provide a support and study group for those who have had a Near-Death Experience or are interested in the subject. An independent, 501 (C-3) not-for-profit organization, it is one of many IANDS-affiliated groups around the world.

It is now estimated that there are over 25,000,000 near-death survivors in the United States, which is about 10% of the US population. These experiences often leave the experiencer with an expanded sense of reality which can often be better understood by sharing with others. Talking about an experience and/or listening to others talk about their experiences has a profound healing effect on many who participate.

We are especially grateful to all the researchers and near-death experiencers who pioneered the research in this field, making it possible for everyone to be able to speak freely about his/her experience.

Our meetings are usually conducted around an aspect of the Near-Death Experience, often with supportive videos or a guest speaker. Time to discuss, share and socialize are included.

Meetings are open to the public. We have no dues, however we ask everyone who is able to donate something to help offset our expenses such as guest speakers, postage, copier charges, flyers, refreshments and supplies. Suggested donation for meetings is $20. Follow your heart. No one is turned away. If you have NO money, the meeting is free. Otherwise please donate your fair share. Our only income is generated at the door and through the bookstore. PLEASE DONATE YOUR FAIR SHARE.

Board of Directors:

In May, 2008, Chicago IANDS announced the formation of a new not-for-profit organization, iSee (International Society for Extraordinary Experiences). This new organization will formally honor ALL spiritual and mystical experiences, creating a place where people can come together to discuss and learn about such experiences. More information will be forthcoming about this organization in the future. For the present time, both Chicago IANDS and iSee will be co-presenting our monthly meetings.